Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fantastical Stuff

So, here are all my fantastical WIPs, concepts, doodles, and illustrations for the past few months. Because the way blogger inserts images into posts is stupid, these are actually in reverse chronological order, with the newest images at the top of the post and the oldest at the bottom.

Some weird, angry spirit characters for an illustration I'm planning. They're going to be swarming a thief who stole their treasure.

An update of one of my Team ChoW sketches from many months ago. Still a WIP.
A loose doodle of an entity I call the Deistic Tetramanous Convolucephalid.
Mushroom folk! These were very loose and fun.

An abstract, godlike entity that I just call the Earthborn. Part of a series of deities, both real and fictional, that I'm drawing.

The above is an environment for the same world as the Devil Sea image a few posts ago. I began by making a model in sketchup. This image is still a WIP, I think.

A transformed version of the Lost One, a character which I posted here some time ago. He's the player character for a mock game project of mine. The second image is supposed to be a transformation animation. If it doesn't work, check out my DeviantArt gallery for a version that does.

This is an environment for the same project as the above. Despite what you might assume, it was not inspired by either Avatar or by Roger Dean, nor did those works even particularly influence it. If anything, this was much more inspired by an old SNES game called Bahamut Lagoon.
The second image should be an animation of the various stages of progress for this image. I don't know if Blogger will let that work. If it doesn't animate, check out my DeviantArt gallery.

Figure Paintings

I took another short figure painting class. Here's what I produced.

Figure Drawings

So, a very long overdue update. I'm eight weeks deep into a figure drawings class, and here is the work I've produced so far. Lots of gestures and short poses, 25 minutes max. There's a hell of a lot of images here. Frankly, I'm surprised I didn't get some sort of "Now, that post is too big, young man" error message from Blogger. Ah well. You know you love scrolling.
I wrote some words about a few of these in my ConceptArt.org sketchbook, which you can reach by clicking the link to the right.