Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Figure Drawings

Here's the final batch of figure drawings from last term. The new term began on Monday, and I'm continuing with figure drawing, so the flow of these will continue.

The cloth folds on the above drawing were fun.

A foreshortened study. I was surprised by how awkward this was. I had thought that I had the drawing experience to trust my measurements, but still my brain kept insisting that it was wrong.

Another foreshortened study, this time of my own self. The assignment was to draw your own legs, foreshortened, so I drew a drawing of myself drawing myself. Meta-drawing, I call it. I think I nearly glimpsed infinity when I did this. : P

The drawing above was the first time I'd ever drawn a model with a boob job. And let me tell you, it was obvious.

A very large drawing from earlier in the term. It was too large for me to take it home and photograph it any sooner.


Annie said...

Hello, I discovered your great blog with amazing works. Greetings from Belgium!

Moai said...

Thanks, Annie! Greetings from America.:)