Saturday, June 5, 2010

A penultimate dump of figures

Here's another batch of figure drawings. I still have a few more to photograph, but these are the bulk from the final weeks of class.

The above is a caricature of yours truly by the awesome Ricardo de los Angeles.

We made some plaster face masks in class. It was fun, and provided a good humorous photo op!

I consider the above to be my most successful figure drawing yet.

Quicky self portrait above. The lighting and angle of the head make it look like the pretentiously dramatic profile picture of some emo kid on MySpace, but that happened to be the most convenient way to look at both the mirror and the paper, since I drew this on a board on my lap without an easel.


HogasH said...

nice work dude! Your style been better in time! Sorry my english, but...if u dont understand, this is a compliment ;)

ALeks said...

Wonderful,brilliant work!!

Marco Bucci said...

Very cool value studies!

Suomi said...

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bail bonds said...

These are serious works. I can see how much effort you made.

'Armfull Service said...

I almost swallowed my tongue!

Someone claiming to be an artist that has in fact, actually studied the field.

Thank cheetos for you dude.

BTW: great light values and weights. I'm a great fan of high-contrast mediums. Much of what you exhibit is minimalistic, as is common of gesture work. You work the spaces well.

I wish you great success in launching your art career. I suggest you check out - as an artist myself, I can tell you it's safe and bullshit free.

Maiden of Nature said...

Really enjoyed looking at your artwork! :D Awesome!

buy eve account said...

Cool! great talent indeed.