Thursday, January 29, 2009


This creature is simultaneously very strange and very typical. Typical in that its proportions, posture, and some of its features--the fleshy tail tip, and the tendon-membranes on the inside of the elbow--are fairly standard for killer videogame type creatures. Unusual in that I made a conscious effort to give it some strange features that I'd never seen before. Its iliac crests and especially its pubis on its pelvis are hypertrophied; it has only a single bent-backwards toe on each hind foot; it has an enormous underbite. Most notably, its hands and forearms are perpetually in a supinated position. That is, its palms are facing up/forwards, whereas in most animals the palms usually face back/downwards. These features give the creature interest, but they also mean that I have no idea what this creature does, biologically. Those are some very strange adaptations.

Pisodactyl means "backward hand" in Greek. Obviously very much a WIP. The messiness in the background will eventually give way to plant forms.

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