Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Spidermonkey WIP

Well, not so much as a spider monkey as a cicada-mosquito-marmoset. With a little bit of Megalancosaurus mixed in. Just your average arboreal extraterrestrial metazoamorph.
This is very much a WIP at this stage. The lines and heavy shadows give it kind of a comic booky feeling, but I plan to paint this and model the forms, so that feeling will probably go away. I like the background, but it's still at an experimental stage.
Stay tuned for more.


Peter said...

cicadas rule. I like the coarseness of the wip. This could be a nice approach for illustrations, with just a bit more tweakery. The brush strokes are decisive. Bold, I might say!

BUOW said...

What constitutes an above average arboreal extraterrestrial metazoamorph? Just my way of saying hello, and that I'm very happy to have found your blog. I love the natural histories you include with each of your creations; they're absolutely brilliant.


Moai said...

Peter- Thanks, man! I may indeed experiment with this approach. I'm going for a more polished rendering this time, though. See the next WIP post (which I'll post just after this response).

Jessie- Yay! You found my blog. Thank you very much. An above-average arboreal extraterrestrial metazoamorph would be similar to an average arboreal extraterrestrial metazoamorph, only more so. It'll pour you a fresh cup of coffee without you having to ask, get good grades at school, and so forth. It goes the extra mile.
I'm curious what the initials BUOW stand for.