Saturday, March 14, 2009

Beatific Dragon Sketches

On there is an activity called Creature of the Week. As the name suggests, each week a new topic is given, and anyone registered to that site may post their own interpretation of the topic. This week's topic was Beatific Dragon. While jumping from article to article in Wikipedia, as I sometimes do, I came across the Mute Swan, and thought it would make a pretty sweet basis for a holy dragon design.
Here is what I've sketched for it so far.

In addition to swans, I also looked at some dinosaur and iguanid lizard reference. The iguanid reference doesn't really show in the design at all, but it is definitely quite dinosaurian. Someone has already commented that there's quite a bit of Oviraptor to its design.

After choosing which design I liked (which didn't take very long) and roughing in a color scheme, I drew it in the more interesting pose above. And that's as far as I've gotten. I tried a few backgrounds, but they weren't working, so for now there's just a blank white background. Because of schoolwork pressures (next week being finals week), I highly doubt I'll get this done in time for the Monday deadline, but I do intend to finish it. I've found digital painting to be somewhat awkward recently, though, so what I think I'll do is finish a large paper drawing, photograph it, and then colorize it digitally. Or something like that. We'll see.


Mikolaj (Spliter) Kuta said...

it looks great! I especially like how you made the beak, sou can see it's used for bitting hard things. The only thing I don't really like are the back legs. but that's only because I prefer creature designs with long legs

Moai said...

Thanks, Mikolaj! I don't think long hind legs would fit this design.

Brynn Metheney said...

I love this guy! The design is so fluid and the coloring is great! Im a fan of the beak as well.

Moai said...

Thanks, Brynn! I was hoping that you'd comment on my blog.:)

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