Thursday, March 5, 2009

Figure Drawing 2009, episode whatever

Here's another batch of my figure drawings.

A few weeks ago, we had to demonstrate our knowledge of skeletal and muscular anatomy by changing parts of the figure into mechanical forms that are analogous to the muscles and bones of those parts of the body. This was very fun. It's not a serious piece of mechanical design at all, though.

Another assignment a few weeks ago was to do a study of some draped cloth. This was as far as I got on mine. I'm going to do it over with a smaller and simpler setup.

I did this drawing earlier this week. This is the only part of the drawing worth showing. The head doesn't really look like the model, but I think I did a good job modeling the form there.

In the previous drawing, we were urged to go dark, to use a lot of compressed charcoal to put a lot of black on the drawing. In the drawing above, we had the opposite goal: go as light as possible. So, this drawing is rendered only using a white charcoal pencil and the tone of the paper. There's some regular graphite pencil in there, remnants of the initial sketch. I think it may be my best, or at least one of my best, figures so far.


benjaminlois said...

hellow!! i came from Jeremy geddes´blog and i gotta say i like your blog a lot. very good works!!

Moai said...

Thanks for visiting, benjaminlois! I must say I'm surprised to hear that you came here from Jeremy Geddes' blog, since I haven't commented there and my work isn't very similar to his, but I'm always glad to have new visitors, no matter how they found my blog.:)